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Al-Shabab kills young man in Buloburde district after being hostage for 5 months

Storyline:National News

A man abducted from Buloburde town by Al-Shabab killed five after the group pulled him from his house, officials said Wednesday.

According to the administration the body of the man with four bullet wounds was found in the outskirt of the town.

Sources said negotiations to release the man were led by local elders who however, failed to convince the group.

Bulluburde district commissioner, Abdiaziz Durow who spoke to Goobjoog News said that the man was not government employee and was not involving anything to do with NGO or Government.

“It is true, he was killed in cold blood. The gunmen knew they were being pursued and were under pressure to escape,” said Durow.

Al-Shabab has laid one year siege on Buloburde town, as well as several other towns recovered by AMISOM and SNA in the past one and half years.

The siege has brought inconsiderable amount of suffering to the local population, food prices have sky rocketed, aid agencies couldn’t access the hunger stricken people.

There are no ongoing initiatives to re-open the blocked roads by Al-Shabab in the district as to improve the accessibility of the major town by humanitarian aid agencies and large trucks transporting essential goods and services.