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Al-shabab re-take a locality in the border of Kenya

Storyline:National News

Reports from Gedo region states that Al-shabab has taken over  the control of Gadoon-dhawe locality in the outskirts of Bula hawo district  after Kenyan Defense forces(KDF) withdrew from the area.

Al-shabab claim that they seized the area after heavy confrontations with Kenyan defense forces under AMISOM adding that the KDF advanced towards their border.

Last week Kenyan defense forces have attacked and seized the area after it deployed thousands of forces in the in the border town after Al-shabab intensified their attacks at the border towns.

Similarly Kenyan fighter jets carried out air strike in the region killing many innocent people and herds of livestock. After the attacks Kenyan deputy president Wiliam Ruto addressed the media claiming that the forces destroyed several bases of the group and hundred members.

These attacks came after Al-shabab claimed the responsibility of  deadly attacks in the outskirts of Mandera county where over 50 people were killed .