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Albayrak Company to renovate Mogadishu seaport

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The Turkish Albayrak company which operates the city seaport in Mogadishu is expected to refurbish the city port which has been neglected for a long time.

The Federal Minister of Commerce and Industries Kadra Ahmed Duale whose ministry is responsible for the seaport operations highlighted the situation of the port.

“There is a huge congestion in the seaport and after long discussion and work with Albayrak Company, they brought equipment that will change the port for the better” said Minister Duale.

These are the preliminary tools and other equipments are on their way to ease the huge congestion and workload felt in the port according to the Minister Duale who also passed her gratitude to the company for the great efforts it is undertaking to realize the repair of the seaport.

Ahmed Sami, the head of Albayrak Company in Somalia suggested the quick implementation to revamp the sea port especially on the dockside where ships are moored.

“As Albayrak, we are determined to perform what is expected of us and as mentioned by the Federal Minister, we hope these equipments will enhance the work of the seaport and more tools are on their way soon” said Sami.

It was recently when a ship from Turkey docked in the seaport that was loaded with equipment to renovate the port.

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