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BREAKING NEWS: Ali Mohamed Yusuf Was Elected as New President of South West in Somalia

Storyline:National News

Ali Mohamed Yusuf aka Ali Shakur was also elected today as a new president for the administration of South West while a few hours ago Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan was elected as a president of the same administration; South West.

According to Ali Mohamed who was interviewed by Goobjoog FM, more than 300 delegates in Baydhabo elected him as a new president of South West state.

Tonight Baydhabo hosts three presidents of South West state; Madobe Nunow as a leader of South West state of six regions, Sharif Hasan Sheikh Adan and Ali Mohamed Yusuf both for South West state of three regions respectively.

It was today when the speaker of federal parliament Mohamed Jawari released a statement in which he said, “any result against the decision of the government will not be recognized” referring to a previous statement jointly issued by the president Hasan Sheikh Mohamed, the Speaker Mohamed Sheikh Osman Jawari and the Prime Minister Abdiwali Sheikh Ahmed in which they postponed the conference for two weeks.

The speaker also urged the technical committee and the delegates in Baydhabo to abide by the instructions of the central government, which is constitutionally mandated to ensure the process of state formation in the country.


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