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Allied forces rescue a girl held captive by Al Shabaab

Storyline:National News

Reports coming from El-buur of Galgadud region indicate that after clashing with Al-shabab the Somali national Army backed by AMISOM troops rescued one of two girls abducted by Al Shabaab six months ago.

El-buur commissioner Noor Hassan Gutale, told the media that SNA supported by AMISOM launched an offensive against Al-shabab where they killed two and injured three Alshabab fighters in areas near El-garas and Odweyne villages in Somalia’s central region of Galgadud.

However, Mr. Gutale vowed that the military offensive against Al-shabab will continue until the allied forces take full control of the rest of the region, adding that the road between El-bur and Dhusamareb districts in now open for the public since the government forces secured it.

Somali and African Union forces have last week launched an offensive to roust Al-Shebab from key ports and have so far seized a number of strategic towns in the country.