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Alshabab and government forces fight over village in Lower Shebelle

Storyline:National News

Somali National Army with AMISOM forces fights Alshabab fighters in Mirtuge village of middle Shebelle.

Somali forces and AMISOM troops attacked Alshabab fighters base outside Mirtuge Village of middle Shebelle region in the early hours of this Thursday morning. The troops faced fierce resistance from Alshabab Alshabaab fighters. Clashes continued for hours before Alshabab fighter fled from the base. Reports says

No immediate casualties reported as the two sides abstained to talk the losses of the fight.

The attack comes days after Pentagon claimed to have killed 150 Alshabab fighters in Hiran region of Somalia on drone raids. In another attack US Special Forces with Somali elite commandos raided Awdheegle village of lower Shebelle two days ago. Early reports say the attack targeted senior leaders of Alshabab fighters in Somalia