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Amir Khan urges Muslims to teach kids about evils of radical

Storyline:National News, World

Boxer Amir Khan has urged British Muslims to educate children about the evils of radical Islam. The fighter warned parents it was down to them to prevent youngsters following extremist groups.

Speaking in the wake of the French terror atrocities, Khan said: “I am a British Muslim and I follow the teachings of the Koran. “One of the things it teaches is not to harm other people.

What we have seen happening is wrong. I don’t know where they are getting it from. “It is up to British Muslim parents to stop their children joining up to these beliefs.

“They should take responsibility for showing their children a stronger path and be there to give them advice.”

The Welterweight Champion, who’s parents came from Pakistan to settle in the UK, spoke of his first-hand experience of terrorism.

He recently visited the Peshawar school in Pakistan where 132 children were killed by Taliban gunmen last month. He said:

“Being a British Pakistani I have a huge fan base in Pakistan. “I went to build awareness of what had happened.

“I am hoping to raise funds to help rebuild the school and fund security there.

“I am in the luxury position of being a role model and I want to use that positively. I also want to show my support for the people in Pakistan and give something back.”

Speaking of his professional hopes for the year, he said: “I am hoping to fight Floyd Mayweather later in the year.

That is the fight I am looking for. It is all about the timing of things and catching him at the right time.

Source: The Standard