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AMISOM and government soldiers launch operations in Lower Shabelle

Storyline:National News

Somali forces backed African Union troopshave launch security operations in Between Balidoogle and Lego localities in Lower Shabelle region barely a day after remote control bomb targeted with AMISOM convoy passing in Balidogle village caused casualties.

Hundreds of Soldiers are seen on the roads of the connecting the two villages as more soldiers were deployed to the most parts of both localities.

One the commanders leading the SNA troops who declined his named said that the operations which were intended to tighten the security of the areas around the both villages, were conducted by SNA collaborating with AMISOM troops.

“This operation is aimed at securing the areas. To achieve this, the Government has also developed and will implement an elaborate relationship between the forces and the public,” he said.

According to the commander, the operations which were launched early in the morning expected to go on for several days and will continue till criminal elements who disturb the locals, whether they are muggers or those anti-peace criminals are completely flushed out.