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AMISOM Apologises the Upper House Speaker of the Federal Parliament

Storyline:National News

AMISOM Ambassador to Somalia Francis Caetano Jose Madeira held a meeting with the top leaders of the federal parliament in honor of the leadership of the Upper House and the Somali people.

The meeting included the chair of the House of Representatives Abdi Hashi, his deputy, Abshir Mohamed Ahmed, and 2nd Deputy Mowlid Hussein.

Also, during the meeting, the two sides also discussed the relationship between the federal parliament and AMISOM.

AMISOM has already agreed to safeguard the security of the Upper House, in order to be responsible for the general security of the Federal Parliament.

This meeting also comes after last month 19th of which AMISOM have blocked the Upper House of Abdi Hashi from travelling the Mogadishu airport, officials and senior members of the house have reacted to the incident but AMISOM Ambassador to Somalia Francis Caetano Jose Madeira has apologized to Upper House Speaker, Abdi Hashi Abdullahi over alleged hours of detention at Mogadishu Airport.

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