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AMISOM arrests two soldiers over alleged killing of civilians in Marko

Storyline:National News, Security

Two African Union soldiers who allegedly killed civilians in Marka town were apprehended, according to AMISOM officials.

AMISOM commanders met with local elders in the town to discuss about the killings that sparked outrage across Somalia and beyond.

According to elders who attended the meeting, AU military commanders reported the arrest of two soldiers who are facing murder charges while others are still under investigations.

This comes after 6 civilians were allegedly killed by AMISOM soldiers who were conducting an operation in the city.

Among those killed were a father and his children who were at their home at the time of the killing.

Last month AMISOM came under condemnation from federal parliament and human rights organization after soldiers reportedly shot dead more than 10 civilians in Marka.

The troops have several denied killing of civilians and insisted their troops have only shot dead militants behind bomb attack on their convoys.