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AMISOM blamed for civilian deaths in Marko

Storyline:National News

The African Union peacekeepers AMISOM are accused of  indiscriminately shelling residential areas of coastal town of Marka, the provisional headquarters of lower Shabelle.

According  to Marka deputy commissioner on security and political affairs Baarliin Abdillahi Mohamed, whenever an attack against AMISOM occurs they indiscriminately shell on civilians residential causing considerable loss of civilian life and property damage.

Mrs. Baarliin said the Civilians are suffering, and the African peace-keeping forces have missed their role in securing the town and to enhance the security of the citizens, urging them to be keen and careful when carrying out their operations as well as countering Al-shabab attacks.

The AU force, known as AMISOM, has long been criticized by human rights groups for civilian deaths in Somalia, and reports show the mission itself is aware of the problem.