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AMISOM confirms 37 COVID 19 cases among them Ugandan, Burundian troops

Storyline:National News, Security

African Union Mission peacekeepers in Somalia confirm 37 COVID 19 cases among those tested positive are Ugandan and Burundians troops.

According to the east Africa news, the affected AMISOM soldiers are being isolated in Halane, which is within the camps and their condition is a matter of military intelligence.

The disease reported in AMISOM reduces efforts and risk the key operations against the militant group al-Shabab stronghold in Somalia.

Since the first Covid-19 cases confirmed in Somalia, AMISOM has scaled down its operations in the war against Al-Shaba and to avoided unnecessary exposure.

On the other hand, the Somalia government lacks the capacity to enforce lockdowns in Banadir region and the vast rural areas controlled by the militia and that could speed up COVID 19 Impact in Somalia.

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