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AMISOM deploys police officers in Lower Jubba, Somalia 

Storyline:National News, Security

The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) has on Tuesday deployed a detachment of nine individual police officers (IPOs) in Dhobley in the Lower Jubba region of southern Somalia for capacity building activities.

The AU mission said the police officers with varied expertise will work alongside Jubbaland State Police Force, to train local police and expand their presence in the region.

Rex Dundun, AMISOM Police’s chief of staff and acting AMISOM Police Commissioner, said in a statement issued in Mogadishu that the AU mission may also deploy a contingent of a formed police unit in the town, to assist in joint security operations.

The deployment of police officers to Dhobley is in fulfilment of the UN Security Council Resolution 2431(2018), which calls for a reduction of uniformed personnel and increased presence of the AU police in the country, to support the expansion and maintenance of law and order.

Dhobley and the rest of Lower Jubba region are currently secured by the Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) under AMISOM.

“We are aware of the tremendous responsibility the Kenya Defence Forces of AMISOM have, in securing Dhobley and ensuring that the area is safe. Now is the time to build the local police capacity, so that they can now take charge of the internal security of Dhobley and its environs,” Dundun added.

The AU police officers will be in Dhobley for the next one year, during which they will bolster the capacity and develop substantial police presence in the entire Lower Jubba region.