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AMISOM forces seizes a major Al-shabab military base in Gedo region

Storyline:National News

The African Union Mission in Somalia forces particularly the Kenyan contingent  today seized Gadon-dhowe locality, some 45 KM out of Somalia-Kenya border town of Beled-hawa, Gedo region, which was militarily a significant base for Al-shabab fighters.

Beled-hawa security chief, Ismail Kofi stated that AMISOM forces took over the village after waging war which lasted less than an hour against Al Shabaab in the village.

He stated that a relative calm has returned to the area following the armed confrontation between the two sides and urged  the local residents  to work with AMISOM forces that seized the area.

Local residents confirmed to Goobjoog FM that the Kenyan warplanes were part of the Wednesday’s attack, causing unspecified civilian casualties.

African Union forces and their Somali allies have  been planning wider offensive against Al-shabaab in various areas of  the Gedo and other parts of the country.

The Gadon-dhowe control is seen as major gain for the allied forces, since it was a military base and an important meeting points for al-Shabaab’s local leaders from which they use to co-ordinate their operations and attacks against Kenyan targets in the border areas and the North-eastern province of Kenya that witnessed series of attacks by Al-shabab.

Al-Shabaab has suffered heavy losses over the past months, losing military bases, large swathes of land and strategic cities in central and southern Somalia.