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AMISOM forces thwart Al-Shabaab plot to cut off main road in Galgadud region

Storyline:National News

Acting Special Representative of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission (DRCC) Hon. Lydia Wanyoto praised the swift covert operation conducted by AMISOM peacekeepers based in the Galgadud region of central Somalia who attacked Al-Shabaab terrorists plotting to cut off the main road linking Dusamareb and El Bur towns in a bid to prevent a humanitarian crisis in those liberated areas.

This is the first time for AMISOM peacekeepers to undertake such a covert operation which is in line with the current Operation Indian Ocean which is not only aimed at liberating towns held by Al-Shabaab but also securing key supply routes in a bid to keep a lifeline for humanitarian assistance and other essentials to reach drought-stricken Somalis.

“The latest covert operation by AMISOM forces in Galgudud comes at a critical moment in the fight against the enemy Al-Shabaab who had thought it is business as usual to cut off major towns from food suppliers and chock off the local residents. We are very pleased by the swift action of the AMISOM forces and wish to warn Al-Shabaab that their irresponsible actions intended to starve off poor Somalis will no longer be tolerated and that such covert operations will continue to be planned until all key supply routes are totally secure and Somali population are safe from the terrorists inhuman treatment,” Hon. Wanyoto said.

Under the ongoing Operation Indian Ocean, AMISOM is mandated to clear off main supply routes and deny the enemy an opportunity to re-group and mount any serious threat including cutting off main roads linking all major towns.