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AMISOM hands over newly constructed police station in Dhobley

Storyline:National News, Security


The African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) on Sunday handed over a newly constructed police station in Dhobley town funded by the Danish government to Jubaland State as part of its mandate to boost security in line with the Somalia Transition Plan.

Funded under the AMISOM Quick Impacts project, which seeks to improve security through community policing in a town such as Dhobley, which over the years has expanded with a burgeoning population. The facility will also provide space for Jubaland police mentorship programs in Dhobley and surrounding areas by AMISOM police component, which trains and mentors Somali Police Force.

AMISOM Sector 2 commander Brigadier Paul Njema presided over the handing over ceremony, which was attended by AMISOM Police and Jubaland administrative and police officials in Dhobley. Brig. Njema, spoke on behalf of the Special Representative of the African Union Commission Chairperson for Somalia, (SRCC), Ambassador Francisco Madeira

“We want to say, Dhobley continues to be secure, it has grown to a very big town and of course when towns grow they come with challenges and these challenges is what we are trying to address part of it being this station and the others because if you go round to town there are other basic infrastructures that need to be put in place to ensure that the community here in Dhobley are secure and they are safe,” Brig. Njema said.

Dhobley District Administration Siyad Mohamed Hassan praised AMISOM for their selfless efforts in supporting the Somali people and mentoring and training the Somalia Police Force. He promised Dhobley residents would work closely with the police in order to make use of the new police station.

“The police was in need of such a facility to help better serve the community and we are really grateful to our AMISOM brothers and we promise to make use of the facility,” Administrator Hassan said.


Major Mohamed Abdi Dahiye, Dhobley Police Commander said the new police station could not have come at a better time now when Dhobley town has expanded and there is need for more police stations to serve the growing population.

“Dhobley town has grown before it used to be small but now it has expanded. We would wish two more police stations to be constructed in the extreme ends of the town in the north and west that comes under the Dhobley police station,” Maj. Dahiye said.

Deputy Superintendent of Police  (DSP) Grace Aremu, the Dhobley AMISOM Police Team Leader promised the people of Dhobley AMISOM will continue to support them and their government.

“We erected the groundbreaking of this police station on 17th February 2020 and today 17th May 2020, we are here to do the official commissioning and handing over to the Dhobley police for their official use and we still to have more of this for Dhobley people,” DSP Aremu reiterated.

Jubaland Police Officer Miski Mohamed Ali is excited the new facility will help them better serve the community

“We are very much delighted with the new station because the old structure that we used to operate used to leak during the rainy season, it was stuffy and congested but now am happy the new station is nice and cool,” said Miski.

“We are very delighted with the new station because the old structure that we operated in used to leak during the rainy season. It was also stuffy and congested. The new station is a vast improvement and our services to the community shall improve also,” Miski said.