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AMISOM military base in Marko attacked with shells

Storyline:National News

A military base of the African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) was attacked on Saturday night with motor shells by suspected Al-Shabab fighters.
Residents confirmed to Goobjoog News the bombardment, saying mortar rounds rained down on the military base of AMISOM. No casualties reported yet.
“An AMISOM base was attacked by several mortar shells last night,” said a resident in Marko.
He added “Some of the shells hit the AMISOM compound, while others landed areas behind the base.”
The shells were said to have been coming from the western side of the town.
Neither AMISOM nor the Somali government were available for comment on this latest shelling on base African Union troops known as AMISOM.
Marko, a seaside town located 110Kms North-west of Mogadishu has been suffering from constant reoccurring clan conflicts since the Somali Govt and AMISOM forces took over the town from Al-Shabaab around 3 years ago