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AMISOM regrets accidental death of a child

Storyline:National News

In a statement the African peacekeeping forces termed yesterdays’ {Thursday} incident that killed a child as “accidental”, after their vehicle was involved in an accident } in Warta-nabdda District of Banaadir region.

“It is with huge regret that AMISOM can confirm the death of a child today in Mogadishu following an accident involving an AMISOM vehicle.” “AMISOM drivers are safe and responsible drivers. We assume this was purely accidental.” AMISOM said.

“AMISOM offers their heartfelt condolences to the family of the deceased child and an immediate inquiry will take place to establish the full facts of the incident. AMISOM in collaboration with the Federal government of somalia will also address the issue of compensating the child’s family.”

“It is hugely sad and regrettable when accidents such as this occur. AMISOM is here to support the Somali people as they seek to re-build their country after over 20 years of disastrous conflict. Defeating Al-Shabaab is the only way to establish an environment in which the Somali Government can successfully fulfil its work to bring back normality of everyday life for all the people of Somalia.” It added

Meanwhile, these is not the first time AMISOM is involved in an accident, earlier this year an Armored vehicle belonging to the forces of the African peacekeeping based in Mogadishu, killed a man in a tragic road traffic accident in Mogadishu after one of the vehicles in the convoy knocked him. The man, identified as Saleh Nur Mohammed, was a taxi driver in Waberi neighborhood in Mogadishu.