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AMISOM soldiers expected to leave Leego Base – Lower Shabelle

Amisom soldiers in Leego location in Lower Shabelle are in preparation to vacate the area which is an important military base to counter terrorism activities.

This move caused panic on the Southwest administration and the local residents where Alshabab is highly likely to take over the location.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, Southwest State Minister for Security Abdulkadir Abdirahman Ali aired his frustration of being in the dark about this latest development and poured out his extreme anxiety about the safety of the local residents where he claims that such move have been a detrimental before for Somalia especially the residents.

“Report is reaching us that they [Amisom] are leaving the most important and one of the biggest military base in Lego location. This has really caused anxiety among the locals in the area. This is has to be an issue that the federal and regional government are aware of but we have no information from AMISOM except what we got from the local residents. It is really a sad thing.”

In 2015, Alshabab attacked Lego camp where it is alleged to have killed many soldiers from Burundi who were part of AMISOM forces.