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AMISOM spokesman: 2 armed men still fighting in the base after cornered

Storyline:National News

The spokesman AMISOM Ali Adan Humud giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM after the attack Halane base said the fighting was concluded and AMISOM troops are in full control of the base.

He stated at least seven gunmen attacked the base at around lunch time and at once fire exchange between the attackers and AU troops embarked adding that 2 of the attackers blew up, 3 were killed while the remaining two entered underground holes in the facility where they were besieged.

” The troops have now cornered two of the attackers who are still fighting in the base” he said.

The spokesman has not explained how the attack became possible as Halane is one of the most fortified areas in the capital, but stated that intensive investigations are underway.

More to follow.