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AMISOM vacates Janaale as Al-Shabaab allegedly takes control

Storyline:National News

Sources from Janaale, Lower Shabelle say that African Union backed force AMISOM has vacated the town with reports that the militant group Al-Shabaab has wrested control of the town.

Residents in Janaale told Goobjoog News the troops left the town a day ago exposing the town to an easy Al-Shabaab take over.
This puts the number of bases vacated by AMISOM for the last two weeks at four since Al- Shabab deadly attack on their Janaale base barely two weeks ago.

It is not clear the main reason leading for the massive withdrawal of the force that was put in place by the international community to restore order in the war torn state from armed group Al-Shabab. AMISOM is yet to comment on this development.

Equally, both AMISOM officials and Somali government concerning the withdrawal of the soldiers from recovered towns that is described many Somalis as a setback in realizing the restoration of stability and order in the country.
Armed group Al Shabab has vowed to intensify attacks against government and African Union troops.