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AMISOM truck hits again Civilians and injures 5 people

Storyline:National News

Five people have been injured in Dharkenley by AMISOM vehicle this afternoon, The accident happened on the road and left 5 women injured, The wounded people have been taken to hospitals for treatment  as sources confirmed to Goobjoog FM.

It is not the first time AMISOM vehicle harmed the residents of Mogadishu but Somali People wonder why this accident by AMISOM happen repeatedly.

Recently AMISOM convoy has overrun a civilan along Maka Al-Mukarama and left him lying along the road without giving much care, AMISOM officially did nothing except sending condolences which is not enough for the careless murder of innocent daily bread winner of a family totalling more 12 people.

Senior officials AMISOM usually say the driver is found to have been driving recklessly at the times of the incident adding that soldiers will be brought to justices and disciplined appropriately, but no one was displined due to his careless driving in Mogadishu busy streets.