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AMISOM “we came to fight Al-shabab… then anybody who wants to fight us is Al-shaab”

Storyline:National News

In a press conference Amisom section one commander Brigadier Nikolaou stated that  AMISOM troops together with Somali security forces recoverd automatic machine guns, RPG launchers, grenades , vehicle number plates and dozens of ammunition following a cordon and search operation in Mogadishu this morning.

Amisom section one Commander, said an AMISOM vehicle was destroyed and a soldier was sustained injuries.

“AMISOM didn’t  came here to fight militia, AMISOM came to fight Al-shabab anybody who wants to fight Amisom, then he is also Al-shaab”. Said Amisom section one Commander.

The former DC’s militia fired at AMISOM and Somali security forces as they closed in on them and a firefight ensued. During the operation, the militia was overpowered and 20 were arrested.

AMISOM and Somali forces are mounting operations in a bid to improve security in the Country.

Early this morning, Somali security forces supported by AMISOM conducted a cordon and search operation in Mogadishu’s Madina district following a tip off that there was an arms cache at a location near the former District Commissioner, Ahmed Daci’s home.