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Angolan forces arrests highest number of Somali nationals

Storyline:National News

Angolan security forces have arrested dozens of foreigners including Somali nationals in Angolan main towns.

Somali nationals express since the security swoop has been launched.

Ahmed Noor Hersi, one of the Somali nationals in Angola told Goobjoog FM that government forces have conducted series of raids where many Somali nationals comprising of some with documents and others with no legal documents were apprehended.

Mr. Hersi stated that some of the arrested Somali nationals mostly business people who had documents were released after hours.

He added that Angolan forces carry out security swoop every year around this time.

The federal government of Somalia has not yet issued comment about the arrest of Somali nationals, the government has no embassy nor representative in Angola.

Earlier this year the government of Kenya has deported over 300 Somali nationals after they rounded up in a stadium following heavy security crackdown in Eastleigh and other major cities.