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Anti-extremism conference concludes in Istanbul

Storyline:National News

ATMIstanbul conference on extremism hosted by Anti-Tribalism Movement was on Thursday concluded.

Participant including scholars, religious leaders, women and young people were taking part in Istanbul conference on extremism.

The participants recognized the common challenges posed by terrorism and extremism to regional peace, security and stability and jointly denounced strongly the terrorist attacks and mass recruits by the extremist groups.

One of the participants Mahad Abdikadir speaking to Goobjoog FM said the religious leaders who attended the conference warned the youth not to join the extremist groups and instead think about the development and the progress of the region.

Finally the participant agreed that the nations in the region should not be held hostage by groups however powerful or dangerous they may be.

This year’s conference comes a time when the countries in the region have suffered from the extremist state of mind, many people mostly women and children killed and hundreds of families fearing to be affected the clashes moved to other countries

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