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Ashabab attacks AMISOM convoy in Baidabo and Dinsor regions

Storyline:National News

Ethiopian troopsAMISOM troops travelling between Baidabo and Dinsor have come under suicide attack followed by intense gun battle, Goobjoog News has learnt.

Sources in Bay region have told Goobjoog News that Alshabab launched attacks on the unsuspecting convoy but no casualties could be established yet.

Alshabab has claimed responsibility for the attack and said the attack was specifically designed to target Ethiopian battalion within AMISOM mission.

There is no immediate count of casualties reported from battle ground because of the remoteness of area and difficulty in obtaining comment from the military during operations.

The alleged attacks comes following an announcement by AMISOM that it was set for military offensive in the Bay and Gedo regions. “The operation being undertaken by African Union Mission in Somalia (AMISOM) and Somali National Army (SNA) troops follows recent successful operations that have seen the militants pushed out of most regions of the country,” said AMISOM.

Updates from Bay region indicates the continuity of clashes between AMISOM and Ashabab.

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