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Assistance efforts to be amplified says Chairperson of National Drought Response Committee

Storyline:National News

The Chairperson of the National Drought Response Committee said they are redoubling their humanitarian efforts towards the people affected by drought in the country.

Speaking to Goobjoog News, the chairperson Sheikh Noor Barud Gurhan mentioned the release of some aid food from Mogadishu port that came from abroad especially by Turkey, Indonesia and UAE countries.

“Meeting took place today between the Deputy Prime Minister Mahdi Ahmed Guled, Ministry of Humanitarian and Disaster Management and National Drought Response Committee. We deliberated on how the Ministry and our organization can smoothly work together as single entity” said Chairperson Sheikh Gurhan.

The food aid will be distributed to the regional governments who will hand out further to the needy people displaced by drought and famine according to the chairperson Gurhan.

“We also touched on how to distribute the available food assistance in the quickest possible way to the affected people and the Federal Government to announce by tomorrow of officially receiving the aid cargo” added Sheikh Guran

It was early this year when the committee on National Drought Response distributed financial aid collected from inside Somalia to all the regional governments which was in fact a historic achievement that restored a sense of pride among the citizens that local help can also play a vital role in lessening the negative impact of the widespread drought in the country.