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At Least Three people Killed After being hit by Speeding Minibus outside Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

At least three people died and four others injured in Garasbaly village, 13KM to west of Mogadishu. The incident unfolded when speeding minibus carrying university students started hitting pedestrians.  The driver said to have lost the control of the vehicle and then only stopped after hitting several people and a series of walls.

The victims of the incident were rushed to main Mogadishu Hospitals, where at least three of them succumbed to their injuries.

Police are searching for the driver who survived, but said to have sustained minor injuries. “The driver seemed to have lost the control and started hitting people around the road one after another” said an eyewitness.

Among the victims of the accident Fadumo Mohammed, 68 years old women with multiple broken bones who is under intense medical care at Madina Hospital “She is in serious condition and she cannot speak. She was there when the car started hitting passersby” said, her brother Moday Mohammed.

With little traffic enforcement, car accidents are frequented in and around Mogadishu