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Attorney urges federal government to create constitutional court

Storyline:National News

The attorney general of Somalia Dr. Ahmed Ali Dahir called the federal government of Somalia to create the constitutional court of Somalia so to solve the rifts between the top leaders of the country.

While giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM, the attorney general urged the leaders to show compromise and resolve their personal difference for general interest since there is no functioning constitutional court in the country to intervene immediately.

On the other hand the newly appointed attorney general asked the security agencies to abide by the law and uphold the rights of the people especially the suspects and the prisoners.

Shedding light on his first visit to the central prison in Mogadishu, he said the officials have given good care to the prisoners adding that the central prison has no capacity to cover all the needs of the inmates.

Speaking during the opening of five days consultation conference on constitutional reform Dr. Ahmed suggested the separation of constitution and politics to control the repeated difference between leaders and promote justice.