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AU envoy to Somalia: Humud is no longer AMISOM spokesman

Storyline:National News

MamanThe special representative of the chairperson of African Union ambassador Maman Sidikou held press conference in Mogadishu briefing on the situation of Somalia. He talked about wide range issues during the media briefing.

First he begun with Al-shabab’s attack on Halane base in Mogadishu on 25th December. The ambassador said they are ready to fight Al-shabab despite significant loses they inflicted on it.

“The incident has only strengthened our resolve to continue fight Al-shabab so that Somali people can enjoy peace and be free from terrorism” Ambassador Sidikou said.

“ We shall not be derailed nor our resolve is shaken” He added.

He sent his heartfelt condolences to the families and friends who lost their loved ones during the attack at Halane,  AU’s main base in Mogadishu.

Sending clear message to Al-shabab the ambassador said, “The sacrifices of gallant Somali and AMISOM soldiers to take over Somalia will not be in a vain”

Sheding light on the achievements of the allied forces over the past year the ambassador stated that the forces recovered 10 strategic towns in the first phase of joint operations dubbed operation Eagle while in the second phase dubbed Operation Indian Ocean the forces seized 8 other towns including Barawe which was a stronghold and a major economic base of Al-shabab.

He added that with help of UNSOM and European Union training mission for Somalia( EUTM) they worked closely with Somali national army (SNA) to strengthen their capacity.

The ambassador noted that AMISOM will further support  the federal government to ensure that the newly recovered areas will remain secure and receive the support they needed.

He appealed to international community to come to the aid of Somali people.

“ Their needs are immediate, they cannot wait until tomorrow or the other day” he said.

Responding to question about the firing of AMISOM spokesman Ali Adan Humud the ambassador confirmed that Mr. Humud is not a spokesman of AMISOM without substantiating further.

After the attack on Halane base late last year,  a statement from AMISOM declared that the spokesman Mr. Humud was sacked a move which Humud denied and described it as propaganda.