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AU envoy to Somalia: Rwanda’s past challenges can be experience for Somalia

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More than one hundred Somali Diaspora community attending conference that kicked off in Kigali , the capital city of Rwanda on Monday.
The meeting is expected to focus on how Somali Diaspora community would take lion’s share the reconstructions of of Somalia.
This ongoing meeting was organized by the department of Diaspora affairs of the foreign ministry of Somali government  in collaboration with African Union especially AMISOM helped by ACCORD agency operating in South Africa.
The special representative of AU to Somalia Maman Sidikou, director general of foreign affairs of Rwanda Parfait Gahamanyi,the head of Accord agency Welile Nhlapo and the chief staff of the presidential palace of Somalia Hassan Abdullahi gave keynote speeches relating to the agendas of the meeting after the session was opened.
“The reason as to why this meeting was held in Rwanda is that Rwanda has seen many challenges which they managed to cross over and it is now among the best developing countries in Africa at a same time it is a country where Somali government and its people can get experience from” Maman Sidikou said.
On the other hand, director general of foreign affairs of Rwanda Parfait Gahamanyi delightedly described how the government of Rwanda appreciated such an important conference to be held in their country which would strengthen the relationship between the two nations.
The gathering is schedulled to go for three days where delegates are expected to discuss wide range of issues including the policy of Somali Diaspora community and how they can take part in the process of the nation’s rebuilding.

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