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AU Strengthens Anti-Terrorist Operations in Northern Somalia

Storyline:National News, Security


The African Union (AU) peacekeeping mission and Somali forces today began a military operation in the northern region of Lower Shabelle to expel the terrorists from al-Shabab.

According to a statement issued by the AU Commission, based in this capital, the joint commitment to eradicate extremism in the country of the so-called African horn will prevail until consistent progress is made in this regard.

African Union forces will return peace and prosperity to the country and compliance with the statutes of International Humanitarian Law through all possible mechanisms, including military operations.

In the opinion of the entity, the collaboration between the troops and the components of the AU mission will be key to move in that direction.

The movement comes amid increased vigilance by Somalia’s stabilization security forces, which have launched targeted operations in the south in response to the growing terrorist attacks carried out.