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Baidoa conference enters final stage

Storyline:National News

The participants of Baidoa conference forming three regional administration consisting of Bay,Bakool and Lower Shabelle regions stated that their conference has moved to the second face.
Ali Abdurrahman aka Shino, one of the elders told Goobjoog FM that delegates from various areas of the administration were given copies of the chapters of the new constitution of south western Somalia administration.
The elder denied circulating rumors that some of the invited delegates were refused to attend the conference.
Mr. Shino added that the conference has now reached one of its final stages and all the sides intended to back the state formation are now in the meeting.
The delegates of Baidoa conference from the three regions are due to announce an inclusive administration the coming few days.
The rival administration which comprise of the 6 regions led by Madobe Nunow is stressing that they will not make any compromise and their decision of forming six regional state still persist.

The federal government of Somalia and international community supports the establishment of three regional state and formed a technical committee to facilitate its creation.