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Baidoa: UN officials meets technical committee

Storyline:National News

Large UNSOM delegates reached Baidoa, the headquarters of Bay region earlier today, the officials took meeting with the technical committee facilitating the formation of the regional state of South West Somalia-three regions.

One of the traditional elders in Baidoa Ali Abdirahman Shiino told Goobjoog FM that the UN officials and the committee discussed in details the election of the leader of South West Somalia and the exact time of the election.

“ They called us  to immediately conclude the election” Mr. Shiino said. “ Initially the committee planned to hold the election today but it was postponed to Monday and the UN officials agreed with us” The elder added.

Responding to a question about the recent suspension of the conference by the top leaders the elder said there is no reason for leaders stopping the conference adding that the joint statement issued will not affect their activities.