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Baladwein mayor “ Somali refugees should be helped to return to their home country”

Storyline:National News

Baladwein mayor, Omar Adan Deeq has talked about deteriorating situation of Somali refugees in Yemen and Kenya.
The mayor noted that Kenya’s plans to close the world’s largest refugee complex would breach international law and it is not diplomatically good to chase innocent people who seek refuge to Kenya.
“The circumstance would force everyone to return to his own people and flee to his own land so Somali people to have assist these brotherly refugees in Kenya” he said.
Finally called upon the federal government of Somali and its people have to take measures to safe the refugees in Both Kenya and Yemen.
“Somali citizens who most of them are refugees are trapped in Yemen violence and elsewhere Kenya is chasing our people therefore I called Somali people to support Somali refugees who are voluntarily want to return to their home country” he said.