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Fighting sides in Baladweyne agree creation of buffer zone to separate their fighters

Storyline:National News

Negotiators in Baladweyne peace talks agreed on Friday to create a buffer zone to separate the two clan militias and withdraw heavy weapons and deployment of SNA and AMISOM troops into the area between the two sides.

The deal reached by representatives of the two clans brokered by federal government together with traditional elders marks an effort to add substance to the ceasefire agreement that was signed last week but has been broken hours prior to the arrival of the mediators from the federal government.

The agreement signed after hours of talks says that the conflicting parties should move back from where they are now as to create buffer zone area and make no attempts to advance.

Internal security minister Abdikadir Omar Mohamed said the agreement would be implemented within a day.

Under the terms of the deal, reached in the Baladweyne, each party must pull its combatants at least 5kilometres (3.2 miles) back, setting up a buffer zone 10 kilometres wide.

The deal also specifically bans movement by combat vehicles over the area of conflict and sides are urged to respect the deal reached.

“It should offer the population a chance to feel secure,” said the internal security minister, who was among the federal delegates mediated the sides.

One of clan militias will be located at Warmajabale and the other side will be stationed at Burjidays locality.

The mediators said the group’s monitors would be deployed to the buffer zone to monitor the ceasefire.