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Banadir Admin to evict Somali IDPs from a Church in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Somali internally displaced families who have been squatting in an old Italian church in Hamarweyne district claim that Banadir Administration wants to evict them today through force.

Speaking to Goobjoog News,  some of the IDP members mentioned that they are about 45 families and they have been living inside the church since 1991.

An old man among the squatters of the Italian church told Goobjoog News they met some former Italian members who used to run the church and informed them to reside inside the building till they will personally come back for further actions.

“When we met with Italian owners, they rescinded with their decision [to take back] and decided to give us reports in future when we told them of being needy persons with no place to go but now instead of getting a response, we got bulldozers” said the old man.

The squatters declare that the Deputy Security of Banadir administration informed them the church is being transferred from the former owners and squatters need to vacate it without forwarding any condition.

Attempts by Goobjoog News to reach the concerned officials of Banadir administration were fruitless.

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