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Banadir administration blames Al-shabab of targeting innocent civilians

Storyline:National News

Banadir administration stated that the security agencies are making intense investigations to access the casualties of the deadly explosion in Mogadishu.

The spokesman of Banadir region Ali Mohamud Farah alias Ali Seeko speaking after the car bomb that killed at least five civilians said the forces are conducting operation to pursue and bring to justice the perpetrators and those who mastermind the fatal blast.

He added that the security forces will be vigilant to thwart other planned explosions and attacks against innocent civilians and government institutions.

He blamed Al-shabab of targeting innocent civilians.

Ali Seeko urged the public to collaborate with the security forces so as to prevent the insecurity threats of Al-shabab and beef up the security of the country particularly the capital city that has witnessed strings of explosions the last few days.

Al-shabab claimed the responsibility of the second deadly attack on a popular café in Mogadishu.