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Banadir administration donates cash aid to wounded women in Mogadishu explosion

Storyline:National News

muungaabThe administration of Banadir region has donated cash aid to the wounded women in yesterday’s explosion in Mogadishu, the capital of Somalia.

The governor of Banadir and mayor of Mogadishu Hassan Mohamed Hussein Muungaab visited the wounded women in Madina hospital and listened reports from health officials of the hospital where they are being treated.

He also greeted the victims one by one and wished them quick recovery.

He urged the wounded women not to get disappointed and double their efforts of collecting the garbage and wastes in the streets of the capital so as to beautify the town.

The mayor promised that the administration will take steps to tighten the security of the women in clean-up exercise with the reach the of Banadir administration.

Finally Mr. Muungaab stated that the security agencies prevented planned explosion hidden in a garage near Dabka junction meant to threaten the public.

Mr. Muungaab commended tireless efforts of the security forces and asked them to be alert.