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Banadir administration denies secret meeting between Al-Shabab and elders in Huruwaa district

Storyline:National News

Ali SeekoThe administration of Banadir region has denied that Al-shabab officials took meeting with elders in Huruwaa district on Monday.

Banadir region spokesman Ali Seeko giving exclusive interview to Goobjoog FM said that there is active government administration in the district which is capable of solving the grievances and complains of the residents adding that no existence of Al-shabab in the district except individuals who hide within the community.

The spokesman also said that Banadir administration is committed to make the area secure and work as per the will of the people .

Al-shabab regularly carry out attack on government bases in the district and sometimes exchange gunfire with government forces and African peace-keeping troops’ bases in the district.

The commissioner was responding to reports that senior Shabab official, Ali Jabal, the group’s representative in Banadir region took meeting with the elders in Huruwaa district where they focused on the increasing insecurity in the district.