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Banadir regional administration demolish illegal buildings in Mogadishu

Storyline:National News

Banadir regional Administration has last night demolished an illegal garden building at KM-4 in the capital Mogadishu.

The demolished garden in KM-4 which was public land but was later changed to a small restaurant for personal interest.

Mogadishu mayor and the governor of Banadir region, Abdirahman Osman Yarisow, said, “the operation of destroying the illegal buildings is part of the plan to repatriate the public sites.”

“We have given notice to the people who are using the public sites for personal interest, and now we have started demolishing operations to restore the public areas, especially in the parks that will be used for public interest.” said governor Yarisow

The mayor of Mogadishu also stated, “That these demolishing operations will continue, until all the building in public sites is destroyed.”

The Benadir Regional Administration has previously destroyed several buildings that were illegally built in government lands.

There have been numerous allegations of corruption regarding the selling of public land with claims of fake title deeds finding a way into the official system.

Land and property ownership in Mogadishu remains an emotive and complex issue dating back to the collapse of the government in 1991.

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