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Banadir Regional Administration Demolished Piazza Libera building

Storyline:National News

Mayor of Mogadishu and the Governor of Banadir Region Mr. Abdirahman Omar Osman (Eng. Yarisow) has today ordered the destruction of the Piazza Libera building in Ceelgaab area.

The mayor said “the administration has given notices for the owners of the premises that the land belongs to the public and that they were suppose to vacate the area but they failed to do so.

The mayor of Mogadishu has already dismissed the demolishing of this site for further investigations to be done.  Following the orders of the President and the Prime Minister, the mayor of Mogadishu today issued the piazza building to be demolished.

Chairman Eng. Yarisow said: “We have stopped this building to be demolish for a time, and after a long investigation, it has emerged that it was a public land and illegally used for individual interests.

Also after a consultation with the President and the Prime Minister we decided that government will not allow public lands to be used for individual interests without the legal system of the government.

Eng. Yarisow also sent a message to all residents that currently used public lands, such as parks and government buildings, to quickly disable their properties and who ever disregard this order, which will be destroyed in any illegal installation and no concern consumption on the government.

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