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Banadir’s Appellate Court to Issue Final Ruling on Murder Case Against Sayid-Ali Maalim Daud

Storyline:National News

GOOBJOOG NEWS | MOGADISHU: The Banadir Regional Court of Appeal is scheduled to make its final decision in the high profile murder case facing Sayid Ali Macallin Daoud, who is accused of burning his pregnant wife to death.

The appellate court has already held three sessions regarding the case over the death of Luul Abdiaziz Mohamed and is expected to announce its much anticipated ruling Wednesday.  

The ruling is a culmination of the sessions where the judges heard presentations by lawyers defending the accused and those who represented the deceased family who maintains that the accused should face the death penalty for the heinous act.

Banadir Regional Court chairman Salah Ali Mahamoud while handing the death sentence to Sayid Ali argued that evidence earlier presented before the court proved that the accused intentionally burned his wife.

The ruling by the court received from the deceased family members, but the accused launched an appeal challenging the ruling saying he was not satisfied with the death sentence issued by the Banadir Regional Court.

Daud’s lawyer Ali Halane expressed hope that the appellate court will overturn the death sentence and issue a more lenient ruling saying they will still launch another appeal at the country’s supreme court if today’s ruling does not favor their client.

The high-profile case has drawn significant public interest in Somalia, with the Somali community closely monitoring developments of the case.