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Deputy Interior minister: federal government plans to establish regional states as per the will of the public

Storyline:National News

The federal government of Somalia plans to create    administrations in all regions of the country.

The outgoing assistant minister for the ministry of interior and federalism Abdirahman Mohamed Bangah said the government has succeeded the establishment  of some regional states adding that the remaining ones formed as per the will and the need of the locals in the region.

Mr. Bangah stated that the federal government of Somalia is making effort to promote good governance in the country.

He reiterated that the ministry has concluded training on good governance in Mogadishu for civil servants so as to give room for implementation of voluminous tasks ahead.

Finally he underlined the federal government has good relations with regional administrations adding the plans to open similar training on good governance.

The federal government of Somalia has welcomed the establishment of South West Somalia state led by the former speaker of transitional federal parliament Sharif Hassan Sheikh Adan that was elected on 17th November in Baidoa after years of conferences.