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Bardhere Airport to start its operation

Storyline:National News

After a decade of dormant, the administration of Bardhere town and officials from Interim Jubba Administration, have officially opened the town’s airport.

Bardhere airport which was backbone for Humanitarian aid agencies and local flights has stopped operating after Al-Shabab fighters banned UN and other NGOs backed western countries from the areas under their control.

In an interview with Goobjoog News, IJA vice president, Abdullahi Sheikh Ismail Fartaag said that the airport has been officially opened and it will operate fully.

“Bardhere airport is second largest airport in Jubbaland state, UN aid agencies and other NGOs will soon resume their operations in Gedo region”

“I am hereby telling the public that starting from this moment they can travel to many parts of the country using Bardhere airport and I urge all local travel agencies to open offices in the town and commerce their operations” Abdullahi said.

The Vice president underscored that UN delegations come the town in an assessment mission and they will soon ship in aid comprising of food and non-food items as well as medicine.

Somali Minister of defence and officials from African peace-keeping mission (AMISOM) have attended well organized opening ceremony of the airport that held in Bardhere town.

This comes days after a high level delegation from the WFP, FAO, UNICEF, UNDP and WHO among others led by UN head of Humanitarian activities in Somalia Peter de Clercq reached the town.

Bardhere town used to be the largest stronghold for Al-Shabab’s top officials and its foreign jihadist fighters before they fled after heavy military assault by the Somali government forces and the African Union mission in Somalia [AMISOM].