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Bardhere: Thousands of families in desperate conditions as river Juba burst its banks

Storyline:National News

River Juba --Bardhere

Reports from Bardhere district in  Gedo region states that thousands of families got trapped in the outskirts of town  after River Jubba burst its banks  on Saturday.

Some of the families in the outskirts of the town told Goobjoog FM that flood of the river destroyed many houses and their properties submerged water.

Hectares of farmland that would have produced this year’s crops were also destroyed according to sources in the region.

The locals express fear that waterborne diseases might spread in the affected areas if immediate action by the administration is not taken.

Additionally the floods of river Juba rendered transportation within and outside the town difficult as water cut the main roads.

The people appeal for immediate assistance from the federal government and humanitarian aid agencies.