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Barre Hirale: president Hassan Has Breached The Provisional constitution

Storyline:National News

Barre Adan Shire, the rival of interim Juba administration in Southern Somalia blamed president of the republic of Somalia Hassan Sheikh Mohamud of violating the interim provincial constitution of the country.

The former defense minister of transitional federal government Mr. Barre speaking to BBC Somali service criticized president Hassan Sheikh of changing agreements previously reached  with Interim Juba administration.

Meanwhile Barre Hirale said Somali president cannot recognize regional state leader to be a president without prior consultation.

Finally Barre Hirale blamed president Hassan Sheikh of becoming a jeopardy to any reconciliation the people in the region could reach.

” A president has no right to recognize a regional state leader to a president” Barre said.

The remarks of the former warlord comes days after Somali president visited the port city of Kismayo, the seat of the interim Juba administration and recognized IJA leader Ahmed Madobe as president.

Speaking during the fare well ceremony for Siera Leone peace-keeping troops that  withdrew  from Somalia president Hassan said ” from today Ahmed Madobe will be called the president of Juba land just like the presidents of the other regional states in the country.