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Somaliland Parliament appoints Bashe Mohamed as Speaker

Somaliland House of Representatives today appointed Bashe Mohamed Farah as the new Speaker when he received the high number of the vote casts.

The number of MPs present was 67 MPs and the session was presided over by the Second Deputy Speaker Dr. Ali Yussuf. The other contenders for the post of Speaker were Suleiman ali Kore and Abdirahman Tanyalne.

After the selection, the majority of the votes received by Bashe Mohamed was 38 votes.

The new speaker who belongs to the incumbent ruling Kulmiye Party has been the first deputy speaker of the House for the last 12 years and hails from Dhulbahante tribe who are having 12 seats in the House.

This election took place after the Speaker of the House Abdirahman Iro resigned last week allegedly to stand as a candidate for presidential elections in Somalialnd.

Somaliland elections are set for 10th October 2017.

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