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Bassaso airport is set to open next year

Storyline:National News

Following renovations and upgrade of Bossaso airport, the first commercial plane is set to start operation on 1st January next year.

The airport will be officially opened by Puntland leader Abdiweli Ali Gas on the material.

At the inauguration ceremony will be held next year is expected by Puntland leader Abdiweli Ali Gas who is reportedly scheduled to cut the ribbon of the opening of the airport that has been modernized.
A 2.4km long runway was constructed effectively giving the airport the capacity to handle larger passenger and cargo planes.

A Chinese commercial plane is set to land at the facility on January 1, 2016.

The plane will ferry workers of the Chinese firm that was contracted to carry out the works back to their home country for time off before returning to resume work.

The firm is expected to construct another 1km long runway and World class terminals.