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BELATED OATH: Somaliland minister sworn in 9 months into the job

Storyline:National News
Water Minister Saleeban Ali Korre (encircled) was sworn in Sunday alongside Human Rights Commission officials. Photo: courtesy

A cabinet minister in Somaliland was today sworn in to office nine months into the job leaving one who is yet to take oath of office in President Muse Bihi’s administration.

Water Minister Saleeban Ali Koorre took oath of office today alongside the National Human Rights Commission commissioners before Muse in the capital Hargeisa.

Foreign Minister Saas Ali Shire is however yet to take the oath which ideally binds him to serve in accordance with the state constitution.

Bihi appointed his cabinet in December following an electoral win in November. The rest of the ministers were sworn in in January. Koorre is reportedly said to have been outside the country when his colleagues took the oath.